Name of the Club
1 The club’s name shall be Waterlooville Social Club Football Club
Aims of the Club
2 The aims of the club shall be:
i) affiliate to the Hampshire Football Association ( ‘the Hampshire F.A’ )
ii) promote the footballing interests of its members, including: the provision of training and competitive association football, 
promoting fitness and discipline and nurturing talent;
iii) have such social and fund-raising activities as the committee considers appropriate.
iv) The club will also abide by The FA's Child Protection Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct and the Equality Policy as shall be in place from time to time.     
Membership of the Club
3 MEMBERSHIP BOOK. The Secretary shall keep a register of playing members and non-playing members of the Club.
4 Any person shall be deemed a member who pays due monies, and signs a statement in the Membership Book agreeing to     
abide by the Club Rules; and any such person who is also registered to play football for the Club shall be deemed a playing member.
5 RESIGNATIONS. To resign or transfer away from the Club a member must normally give written notice to the club 
secretary and complete payment of all his/her Club dues. The club secretary shall inform the league secretary in writing of 
when a member’s resignation from the club is received in writing; and of when payment of  the member’s club dues is 
complete. The name of any player who has resigned or been expelled from the Club shall be marked accordingly in the Membership Book.
Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Club
6 The Club shall hold an AGM not later than 31st JULY. Seven members shall be a quorum. The secretary shall make best 
endeavours to give 21 days’ notice of the AGM to all members by any such means as are available to him.
7 The AGM may:
i) receive the treasurer’s financial report and secretary’s annual report;
ii) consider appointing an independent qualified accountant to examine the accounts;
iii) overturn any decision of the general committee and undertake any other business;
iv) vote to amend and/or approve the Club Rules;
v) elect each officer of the general committee, except for the team manager;
vi) elect officers to be signatories to the Club’s bank account.
8 Every member present may cast one vote on all matters. The chair shall have a casting vote in the event of any tied vote. 
Candidates for election shall be proposed, seconded and voted for. The candidate with most votes shall be elected. Candidates
may be re-elected in further years. Any elections shall be with immediate effect for one year.
The General Committee of the Club
9 The Club’s business shall be administered by a General Committee ( ‘the committee’ ) comprising the following officers: 
Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary, Saturday team manager, Sunday team manager, 
player’s representative. At least two of the said officers shall be appointed by the Committee as delegates to attend League 
Council Meetings. At least two of the said officers shall be signatories to the Club’s bank account. 
10 The appointment of any person as an officer shall cease immediately upon receipt of any decision of the F.A to suspend 
such a person from taking part in any activity relating to association football.
11 The Committee shall normally meet every two months. Three members shall be a quorum. Decisions shall be made by a 
simple vote. The Chair shall have a casting vote.
12 POWERS. The powers of the Committee shall include the powers to:
i) appoint and dismiss the team manager;
ii) suspend or expel any member whose conduct it considers detrimental to the good name of the Club;
iii) dismiss from the General Committee a member absent from three consecutive meetings without an explanation it considers satifactory;
iv) appoint persons to unfilled roles on the Committee between AGMs;
v) appoint a Club Discipline Sub-Committee and other such sub-committees as may from time to time be deemed necessary; 
and require reports of such sub-committees to be made to the Committee;
vi) decide on interpretation of Club Rules, and on any other club matters not governed by the Club Rules. Such decisions may 
be amended at an AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting ( EGM );
vii) exclude any officer from voting at Committee Meetings on any issue that directly affects him/her.
13 MINUTE BOOK. The decisions of all club meetings, including the Committee, shall be written in a MinuteBook.
14 DELEGATES. The Club’s delegates to the League Council will responsible for: 
i) finding out the time and place of Council Meetings.
ii) ensuring a delegate, or other club representative, attends Council Meetings;
iii) forwarding their own apologies to the league secretary in advance in the event that none shall be able to attend a Council Meeting;
iv) dealing with business on the Club’s behalf at the Council Meeting;
v) reporting back to the General Committee on the business of the Council.
Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Club
15 An EGM shall have the same powers as an AGM. Seven members shall be a quorum. The secretary shall make his best 
endeavours to give seven days’ notice of the time, place and purpose of such meeting to all members by any such means as are 
available to him. An EGM may be called:
i) by the Committee; and/or
ii) upon the written request to the club secretary of any four members.
The Club Rule Book
16 CLUB RULE BOOK. A copy of this Club Rule Book ( the ‘Club Rules’ ) shall be available on request to any member.
17 In the case of the F.A.’s disapproval of any part of the Club Rules, the Committee may call an EGM to make suitable 
amendments to the Club Rules.
18 Amendments may be made to the Club Rules, subject to the following conditions:
i) that such amendment is made by an AGM , or by an EGM called for the purpose;
ii) that such amendment is voted for by at least two-thirds of the members present at such AGM or EGM;
iii) that such amendment is approved by the F.A., and such amendment comes into force on a date 14 days or more after the date of the F.A’s approval.
19 The Club Rules shall be governed by the rules and regulations of any league or competition of which the Club is part where 
they apply and which are in use for the time being. The latter shall prevail in the event of any conflict between them, subject to 
the rules and regulations of the F.A.
20 The Club Rules shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the F.A. in use for the time being where they apply. The 
latter shall prevail in the event of any conflict between them.
The Club Finances
21 The Club’s finances shall be administered by the club treasurer. He shall present the books of account for inspection at 
each official Club meeting.
22 Any property, assets and liabilities of the Club shall be deemed to be jointly owned by the members, and entrusted to the 
care of the Committee. Any member who leaves the Club prior to the dispanding of the Club forfeits his part in any such 
property and assets. In the event of the dispanding of the Club, an EGM shall vote on how to dispose of any such property, 
assets and liabilities, together with all records.
23 BANK ACCOUNT. The club shall have a bank account at LLOYDS TSB bank. Any cheque must be signed by at least two 
of the authorised signatories.
24 CASH BOOK. The Committee shall be responsible for keeping proper books of accounts, including records of all monies 
received and all payments made.
25 The Club’s book of accounts may be checked annually by any suitably qualified person who is independent of the Club.
26 RECEIPTS. Any officer of the Club may sign receipts for monies received. Such an officer must notify the treasurer of any 
such receipt. Receipts must be given for all monies received, except that receipts need not be issued for match subscriptions 
where payments of such match subscriptions are recorded separately.
Match Subsriptions of Playing Members
27 The rate of match subscriptions for playing members shall be set by the Committee. They may include different subscription rates for:
i) full match played: 
ii) half match played: 
iii) over half match played:
iv) less than half of match played:
v) no match played:
28 A written record of each player’s payments of match subscriptions shall be kept.
29 Where a playing member’s match subscription is overdue by at least FOUR matches or in arrears of  £20.00 and without 
any explanation regarded as satisfactory by the Committee, such a player may be suspended from playing for the Club until 
such time a player’s due match subscriptions are paid in full. The County F.A may be notified of such suspension.
Annual Subsriptions of all Members
30 In addition to match subscriptions, the rate of any annual subscriptions to the Club for playing members and non-playing 
members shall be set by the Committee. Non-playing members who are officers of the Club, or have served as officers of the 
Club, are not required to pay a subscription.
31 A written record of all payments shall be kept by the Club treasurer.
32 Payments of all annual subscriptions must be completed not later than the deadline of 31st August, subject to the following. 
Any person becoming a member after this date may pay his annual subscription within four weeks of becoming a member and 
may be offered a partial discount.
33 In the event of non-payment of any member’s annual subscription by the deadline set out above, and without an 
explanation considered satisfactory by the Committee, such a person’s current membership shall be regarded as expired, and 
his name shall be struck from the Membership Book. Such a person may seek membership anew.
Club Care and Conduct
34 The officers of the Club, in their personal capacity and in their capacity as officers, do not assume any duty of care to club 
members training and playing football. In the context of training and playing football, all members playing will exercise all 
care that is reasonable in the prevailing circumstances to avoid inflicting injury to fellow players.
35 All members will respect the match referee’s duty of care towards the safety of players, and in that regard will obey all 
referee’s requests that are reasonable in the prevailing circumstances.
36 In the context of club matters, all members will conduct themselves in a way fitting to keep the good name of the Club. 
They will also abide by such code of conduct as the Club may draw up.
Date of Club Rules coming into force
37 These Club Rules shall come into force on the twenty-first day after the day of their approval at a club meeting. This is 
subject to approval by the F.A., as represented by the County F.A. except where otherwise notified by the F.A.
38 DATE OF RULES. This version of the Club Rules was approved by the Club meeting held on 14TH JULY 2010.
Signed -  Stuart Martin ( Club Secretary )     Signed  - Matthew Graham ( a witness present at said meeting )
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